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Alternative Family Education (AFE) is an independent home study school designed by and for homeschool families that provides K-12 grade students and families an individualized approach to education, with the full support of school district resources & collaboration with credentialed teacher consultants.

Want to learn about enrolling at AFE?


Call Gail at 831-429-3898 x55214 or email


At AFE, we work with you and we offer:

Community. Our program is loved for community and connection. The AFE community provides numerous opportunities for social development & building peer networks.

Autonomy. At AFE, you can make your homeschooling experience the best fit for your student: defining your boundaries and deciding on your curriculum options.

Support. Our team will help you navigate & complete state paperwork, partner in the admin steps, and get you set up.

Collaboration. We have licensed teachers who are here to consult and collaborate, helping you discover what curriculum & approach works best for you.


2022/23 Classes

Monday: Guided Drawing (K-5), 3-D Printing Club (3-12), Park Playdate (K-5), World History (9-12), Ultimate Frisbee (6-12)

Tuesday: Podcasting & Media Literacy (6-8), Play & Parent Co-op (3-5), Mathematical Thinking (3-5), Math with Friends (6-8), Palazzo Art Studio (K-5), Knit & Crochet Club (K-12)

Wednesday: Elementary Math Talks (2-4), Treasures of Africa (K-2), California History (3-5), Drumming & Dance (K-5), JSA (9-12), Clay Studio (K-12), Improve Group (8-12), Ultimate Frisbee (K-5)

Thursday: Interactive Read Aloud (K-5), Math Team (9-12), Environmental Science (9-12), Dramatic Literature (9-12), Imrpov & Theatrical Play (K-2), Yearbook Team (6-12)

Friday: Brain Teasers (K-5), Advanced ROV (6-12), Basketball Club (3-5), Painting Techniques (6-8)

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AFE is built on both Autonomy & Community.


Our full week of voluntary enrichment classes give all students the opportunity to interact & cooperate.


AFE offers varied enrichments.

From sports, performances, fashion design, field trips & more, at AFE independent doesn't (necessarily)

mean alone.

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