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Independent Study


We are a teacher guided, resource supported, accredited independent study program for students in grades 9-12 seeking a High School Diploma and a path to college & career.


Instruction with teachers


Units required for Graduation


Hours of work per week


(College prep) Pathway available

The Ark is a unique pathway for self-motivated learners with a strong independent approach to their academic success. Supported by weekly meetings with credentialed teachers, Ark students enjoy flexibility in their school experience and highly individualized curriculum built around their interests and driven by their curiosity.

Our students have independence supported by our infrastructure of resources—academic, professional, social & emotional.


Through close partnerships with Cabrillo College and with the CTE program at the comprehensive High Schools, Ark students are empowered to build pathways to college or career while earning their High School diploma.

For enrollment information, please contact Cynthia Fernandez at (831) 429-3898  x55202. Email:

I have been so impressed with the program. My son is learning more than he was at his previous school. I've noticed that his writing has greatly improved, and the program has also allowed him more time to pursue his outside interests.”

Fiona Sanguinetti


Ark really allows for flexibility—it lets me take the classes that I want, when I want, and even where I want.”

Elianne Giles


“The Ark has helped me more than any other school.”

Jaiden Obert


"Independent Studies allowed my son to be himself, take the classes in a format that interested him, have plenty of time to work and pursue his hobbies."

Sarah Jones


“Thanks Ark for teaching me learn clearly & improve as a good student :)”

Teresa Orozco


"The program provides ample opportunities for my son to develop important skills like time management, self-discipline, & independence."

Andria Burdette


“This has been a wonderful experience for my son.”

Christopher Campbell


“This program offers the flexibility for students to grow into independent and responsible people.”

Yasmeena Clark


ARK Family Orientation Slides

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