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Rights are privileges guaranteed by law, school district policy, and school rules. All students have rights protected by the state and federal law. Rights at school have been determined by the courts to be different and usually more restrictive than rights in the home or rights in the community. All children and youth have the right to a free public education until age eighteen.


All students who display at least satisfactory Habits of Mind, Heart, and Work have full privileges at Costanoa High School. Students must earn at least 10 credits per quarter and 20 credits per semester to remain eligible for privileges. Privileges include participation in the athletic league, science camp, and off campus concurrent enrollment, including ROP classes. These students are also eligible for Work Permits and may request to return as 5th year seniors.

Students who display exceptional Habits of Mind, Heart, and Work will be recognized, will receive awards, and will have the privilege of a weekly off-campus brunch pass. Students with the best attendance will be invited to participate in a special year-end field trip.


We need your help in keeping our schools safe for everybody. We need your help to identify any situations where a student, staff member, or any other person might present a threat to school safety. If you suspect that a situation may affect the safety of others, trust your instincts and give the information to an adult at school or call 911. Some examples of unsafe situations are threats, bullying, harassment, carrying weapons, and someone thinking about hurting himself or herself or others. You have a responsibility to report any situation that may be dangerous. Better safe than sorry.



All children and youth not only have a right to a free public education, they also have an obligation and responsibility by law to attend school until age 18. Each student and the student's family need to do everything possible to be on time and at school every day.

Academic Progress

Each student is expected to come to class focused and ready to learn. Each student has the responsibility to positively contribute to the learning environment. Each student is expected to earn a minimum of 12.5 credits per quarter.

School Rules

Santa Cruz City Schools has no tolerance for weapon possession or any statements or behaviors that threaten the well being of students, staff, and others. It is not okay to make offhand comments or practical jokes about threats or weapons. We have an obligation to keep our schools safe and we will thoroughly investigate all concerns.

The following activities do not support safety, a positive school environment, Habits of Mind, Heart, and Work, or student success and will not be tolerated:

  • Smoking, chewing, and displaying tobacco products are not allowed on or near the campus. If you can see any part of the campus, you are too close.

  • Possession of drugs or alcohol, being under the influence, or offering, arranging or negotiating to sell drugs or alcohol

  • Weapons and any harmful objects (including any type of blade)

  • Fighting

    • The first offense for fighting whether on or off campus (before, during, or after school) will result in a school transfer

  • Insults and put-downs

  • Clothing or other personal items with references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violent, sexual, or disrespectful words or images

  • Clothing that is too revealing of skin or undergarments

  • Tagging or etching on school or personal property or possession of permanent markers

  • Gang-related signs, symbols, or excessive colors. Red, blue, green, or brown hats, bandanas, shoelaces, gloves, or belts. Pro sports jerseys. Display of area codes.

  • Swearing

  • Spitting on the blacktop

  • Glorifying or promoting drug and alcohol use

  • Going to other school campuses

  • Cell phones and game devices during class time

  • Wearing headphones in class, except with teacher permission

  • Intimate physical contact like excessive kissing or hugging

  • Using the 2nd floor restrooms (these are for staff and for Ark students only)

  • Cutting in the lunch line


Absence Verification

When a student is absent, the parent/guardian needs to submit an excuse. If a student needs to leave early, parent/guardian permission with a note or a phone call is required.


  • New students are on probation for 3 weeks. If they demonstrate poor academic progress, poor behavior, and/or poor attendance, they must transfer from Costanoa.

  • Students who display poor Habits of Mind, Heart, and/or Work will be placed on a contract with the advisor.

  • Students who are unsuccessful in meeting the expectations of the Student Contract will meet with the principal and will be placed on a second contract called Plan of Improvement.

  • Students who are unsuccessful in meeting the expectations of the Plan of Improvement will be placed on a Final Contract.

  • Students who are unsuccessful in meeting the expectations of the Final Contract will be transferred from Costanoa.

  • The first offense for committing a violent act on the way to school, at school, or on the way home from school will result in a school transfer, whether or not the student is on a contract. Also, violence at any time or place in the community may have the same result if the incident is connected to a school conflict.

Costanoa High provides an alternative academic pathway, where students from 10th-12th Grade can set their own pace while making time for life or work. Our alternative high school provides smaller classes, more direct time with staff and a shorter day to give students more agency over thier time.

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