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Go Grizzlies!

Costanoa High provides a unique pathway to graduation for 10th-12-th grade students who want to set their own pace while making time for life or work. Our alternative high school provides smaller classes, closer connections to staff & peers, more support

& more personal choice.

Set your pace.

With fewer credit requirements (190 instead of the 230 required by comprehensives) and a shorter day, our students have more time to work, live explore.

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Closer support.

Our school offers a smaller student body & more direct time with both our instructors & counselors. In our close-knit community, everyone is known & supported according to their needs.


rich experience.

An alternative pathway does not mean you have to sacrifice extracurriculars, sports, social connections or the adventures that come with high school. Our school is bigger than classrooms.


"It's so good to know I have so many people in my corner."

Jasper Donahoe


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"The staff help you stay motivated. They help with credits, getting a job, or even just if you're having a bad day."

Brisa Medina-Rodriguez


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"There's always someone to talk to. They won't judge you and they're always here for you."

Ester Rodriguez


Partners in Education.

At Costanoa, hands-on education doesn't just mean learning by doing, but building community roots and developing leadership & cooperation through our local partnerships.


One day per week for 12 weeks, MTNS2SEA youth come together with other youth at their school site to share an outdoor experience. A typical day starts with a hot drink and emotional well-being check-in, a safe space to share stories, challenges, and support. Then, we adventure! The youth challenge themselves in new ways when hiking the trails, climbing the walls, sailing the ship, and giving back to the environment.


FoodWhat programs are held on our half-acre organic farm at the UCSC Farm & Garden and on our partner farm site in Watsonville, Discovery at Live Earth Farm.


Youth from all over Santa Cruz County join the FW crew through our Spring Internship, Summer Job Training Program, Fall Project Management Program, Winter Community Education Program and through organizing large community events on the farm. 

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