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Providing a unique pathway to graduation with smaller classes, closer connections to staff & peers, more support & more personal choice.


Adult-to-Student Ratio


Units Required for Graduation


Total students


Hours in our shorter school day.

Costanoa High provides an alternative academic pathway, where students from 10th-12th Grade can set their own pace while making time for life or work. Our alternative high school provides smaller classes, more direct time with staff and a shorter day to give students more agency over thier time.


"It's so good to know I have so many people in my corner."

Jasper Donahoe


"The staff help you stay motivated. They help with credits, getting a job, or even just if you're having a bad day."

Brisa Medina-Rodriguez


"There's always someone to talk to. They won't judge you and they're always here for you."

Ester Rodriguez


At Costanoa,

we play.


An alternative pathway doesn't mean sacrificing social and developmental connections. Our annual soccer, basketball & volleyball teams face other alternative schools.

At Costanoa,

we explore.


Our partnership with Food What & Mountains 2 Sea Adventures leads students on weekly excursions to learn & develop community & ecological stewardship.

At Costanoa,

we learn by doing.

Our students have access to Career Technical Education Courses where they can explore professions while still in high school.

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