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There's more than one path to High School Graduation.

Costanoa requires fewer credits for High School Graduation, and we also take a different approach to academic evaluation.

Costanoa does not use grades, but instead awards variable credits to students based on productivity, effort & quality of work.

This system starts with "points", with one point earned for each class period of on-task learning. Advisory is a longer class period, so one class period of on-task learning in advisory equals 1.3 points. Teachers may give fractions of points. Fifteen points = 1 credit.


More on Credits:

  • Credits are primarily awarded for student learning that is assessed, not just for work completion.

  • When assigning credits, teachers aim to be consistent with colleagues & within each class, yet responsive to individual student needs & ability levels.

  • A student should typically earn five credits in a semester & six for advisory.

  • Students who voluntarily complete homework may earn more credit.

  • Credits are motivators for students & will be used as such by teachers.

  • Advisors will inform the principal if a student may earn more than 35 credits in one semester.

Other requirements:

  • English Language Arts Portfolio

  • Senior Project

Note on grades: When students need detailed academic information for scholarship applications or insurance discounts, we will add a narrative evaluation to the credit report.


Our day.

Costanoa has a shorter day to give students a more manageable classroom commitment, and to allow for a more flexible life/work balance.

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