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Clyde Curley, Co-Principal
Phone:  429-3898 X55229

Amelia von Gerer, Co-Principal 

Phone: 429-3898 x55228

Stacey Saady, Teacher

Phone:  429-3898 X55205

Jody Kropholler, Teacher
Phone:  429-3893 X55207

Beto Byram, Teacher
Phone:  429-3898 X55109

Keresha Durham, Teacher
Phone:  429-3898 X 55209

Rick Sutera, RSP Teacher
Phone:  429-3898 X55115

Dawn Baxter, Counselor
Phone:  831-204-0861

For Transcripts:
Pam Perkins
Phone:  429-3898 X55201

The Ark has helped me more than any other school.”

Jaiden Obert


"Independent Studies allowed my son to be himself, take the classes in a format that interested him, have plenty of time to work and pursue his hobbies."

Sarah Jones


“Thanks Ark for teaching me learn clearly & improve as a good student :)”

Teresa Orozco


"The program provides ample opportunities for my son to develop important skills like time management, self-discipline, & independence."

Andria Burdette


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