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Welcome to Alternative Family Education

Offering Flexible, Collaborative Homeschooling 

- supported by credentialed teachers.

Homeschooling, supported by creative, credentialed teachers.

At Alternative Family Education, we do more than help set up the paperwork for homeschooling and work with families to understand the process (though we do that!). Our credentialed teachers are available to help your family build curriculum and approach, to help design an academic experience that fits your learner and your family.

There isn't one kind of family that fits AFE. Whether you want a relatively autonomous home school experience, daily interaction with other families, or something in between, we can help with administrative and instructional support. Our community is diverse in its needs and perspectives & our enrichment programs are similarly diverse in their offerings.

Our teachers meet regularly with families to support them - some families choose to come in multiple times per week, others only a couple times a month - to help build, change or expand the curriculum your family is working with. AFE is able to advise, offer resources & provide support - whether your family simply wants admin support or in-depth collaboration.

AFE Supports


AFE allows for families to navigate their own goals, curriculum and learning styles. We provide support in navigating the process so that you are empowered to find and take the path that works best for your learner.

AFE Supports


We offer various avenues for social/emotional development and the building of community. From weekly enrichment classes to field trips and events, AFE provides the unique opportunity to have a shared experience while homeschooling.

AFE Supports


It can take calibration and exploration to find the right curriculum for each learner. We can help! Whether it's navigating available resources or putting together a custom curriculum, we have the experience and resources to help.

AFE Provides a path to College

For any students who are planning on attending a university after High School, we can work with families to create a program that will meet any admissions requirement. We also partner with Cabrillo College to give students access to courses while in High School.

AFE Supports


Our enrichment courses cover an eclectic range of interest, including: fashion, robotics, podcasting, drumming & dance, ceramics, improv, environmental science, theater & sports.

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